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How to Look Good on Web Meetings

How to Look Great on Web Meetings

Over 90% of communication is non-verbal. By leveraging video camera in your web meetings, you can significantly increase the communication and build rapport. But before you turn on your camera, you need to follow the below steps to look fabulous.
1. Get a High Definition Camera, one may already be in your laptop.
2. Position the camera above you by stacking books to eliminate wrinkles and chins.
3. Make sure you have good lighting that is behind the camera.
4. What’s in the background, people will snoop.
5. Look good:
a. No Gum
b. What’s Your Mug Say?
c. Don’t Look Disheveled
6. No multitasking – be 100% present
7. Position your image on the screen to be under your camera to not look shifty eyed.
8. Invest in a Quality USB Microphone. Look good and sound good.
9. Photo ready make-up up makes you look great.
Homework –
* Get a good HD Camera.
* Record yourself to self-evaluate.
* Go on camera for your next web meeting.

Backpacking and Business Analytics

Backpacking and Business Analytics – they have much in common

Three things you need to implement to be successful with Business Analytics:

1. Use the resources available to you. You can’t go it alone. You need to build your relationship throughout the organization. When you ask for assistance or help, make sure you consider what’s in it for the person you are asking. You need to clearly communicate why it’s beneficial for them to help you. Remember, you are not scalable. You have to build a team, teach others, and trust that sometimes good, is good enough.

2. Be resourceful and be prepared – Projects always have curveballs. You may think you have perfect data, only to realize it’s maybe not so perfect. When this happens, get creative. Creative minds are resourceful. If your life depended on accomplishing the goal, how could you do it? Allow crazy ideas. Sometimes crazy works!

3. Learn to find your inner MacGyver to solve problems – Remember the 80’s TV show where MacGyver could get out of dicey situation with duct tape a shoe string and a match. Most of us don’t have unlimited time, money, and resources. So you have to learn to work with what you have to deliver some results while creating a plan for the future. This may mean building a data mart in TM1 instead of waiting for your financial data to get into the warehouse. But when you implement workarounds, make sure everyone knows it’s temporary and create a plan to do it the right way.