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Notability – By Ginger Labs


Apple Editors’ Choice & Best of 2013 in Smart Productivity This app imports contracts, presentations, documents… and then you can write notes on it and create a PDF. This app has saved me many times when I need to sign important documents and I am on the road. Don’t leave home without it.

Heather’s Recommended Audience:
Everyone who has to present an idea to a group. Sales, Consultants, Executives…

Conference Me In – By Paleon Solutions, Inc


Have you ever had a really important conference call that you can’t join because you can’t remember the passcode? You know how it is – you are running late from your last meeting, at the airport, or in your car – and even if you can click a link to dial the call-in number, you can’t write down the access code or remember it because it’s 13 digits long. You really need to jump on the call. This app solves that problem.